Privileged Access Management

Who Poses an Insider Threat?

  • 49% of insider breaches are caused by phishing and once inside, a high-value identity is compromised and privileged credentials are compromised.
  • In 70% of cyber attacks with a known motive, there is a secondary victim, targeted due to trusted access
  • Malicious insiders know their way around the systems and the value of admin accounts. 50% are current employees and 50% are former employees.
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In order to roll out an effective program, one must understand what privileged accounts exist, who is using them and what the existing workflows and process surrounding them are. SPHERE has years of experience helping customers prepare for the implementation of Privileged Access Management tools and processes by carrying out the essential initial review for your most highly privileged accounts.

Delivering a PAM solution without impacting highly critical services such as break-glass, trouble-ticket management and the like is critical in the success of the program. Rolling out Privilege Access Management is a big challenge even for the most well prepared and technically capable organizations. The SPHERE team has planned and delivered some of the largest Privilege Access Management deployments and can help to manage the processes in a controlled, effective and efficient manner.
It’s important to start implementing a Least Privileged Access model and reduce unnecessary privileged access where appropriate. Simply because an account has elevated privileges does not mean it needs it. SPHERE will identify owners of these accounts, validate its requirements and start removing excessive and inappropriate access. This “pruning” will streamline necessary PAM processes, remove the unneeded noise of managing accounts that aren’t required and will simplify the program overall

Key elements for a successful deployment are prioritization, communication plans, owner outreach and training, process integration and so much more. Success is more than simply installing and configuring a tool. SPHERE’s architects have been involved in the design and delivery of some of the largest PAM deployments in the world, covering well over 100,000 highly privileged accounts spanning four continents and impacting systems and services involved in $billions of transactions daily.

In order for PAM to be successful long term, ongoing management and process alignment is essential and careful consideration must be had to ensure ongoing risk management. Deploying a Privilege Access solution is just the start of your road to successfully controlling access to highly privileged accounts. Connecting these processes to you Joiner/Mover/Leaver and recertification controls will make the difference between a degrading control and one that stands the test of time. You can leverage SPHERE’s experience in building sustainable governance control systems which are effective and efficient to ensure that your PAM solution is fit for the present and the future.

CyberArk protects your enterprise from the ever-expanding attack surface by locking down your privilege accounts wherever they live: on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.
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