Data Governance

Critical Components for Data Governance

Data Governance is an all-encompassing strategy that ensures your organization has the right policies and processes to allow for the proactive control of your data.
It is critical to have in place the appropriate rules that govern the explosive amounts of data that is being generated daily.
Most important is knowing what you have, where your most sensitive data lives and who can access it.
Check out our whitepaper about creating an effective Data Governance plan. Whitepaper: Data Governance Plan
- Unstructured data comprises the vast majority of digital business assets, so ensuring that access is controlled and governed by business “need-to-know” is imperative. -
So many data breaches originate within your four walls. Webinar Replay! Insiders are the New Malware
Why is ownership so important?
Having cataloged owners of your data is critical for ensuring only the right people have the right access. They also become the authoritative source for making key decisions about the data. Move the responsibility from IT to the business!
How do I figure out who owns what?
Finding owners typically requires 5-10 different analysis methodologies pulling information from many different systems. We call that the “waterfall approach”. Then, top that off with a ton of business intelligence, and you’re ready to rock n roll!
You do realize how much data I have, right??
This is not a manual exercise! We built an automated analytics driven approach to identifying owners. Our solution collects and analyzes relevant data from a variety of sources that provide context to the data and after a ton of hard work all done by our solution, out pops the owner! Learn more >

From Bad to Good

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