What is SPHEREboard?

SPHEREboard is an analytics and reporting solution that combines business intelligence, institutional knowledge
and industry best practices to effectively help you monitor your key risk indicators,
ensuring that your environment remains clean and secure.

Information for All

Whether you are an Executive, Middle-Management Professional, or Engineer.
SPHEREboard provides easy to understand reports and drill-down capabilities.
SPHEREboard provides views that allow all levels of the organization
to make critical business decisions, and reduce key risk indicators.
Check out our Datasheet to learn more!

Know Your Risks

When it comes to unstructured data, wrong permissions are a major danger for your organization.
SPHEREboard focuses heavily on many different access control issues across your file shares,
SharePoint, Exchange and other unstructured data repositories.
Owners are the authoritative source for making critical decisions about the data and assets they own.
This includes validating access requirements, providing insights when objects can be retired, and much more.
Check out a past webinar all about automating the Ownership Campaign: Entitlement Review
✔  Confirm or reassign ownership
✔  Provide use case and descriptions
✔  Advise whether stale or active
✔  Approve or deny access

All owner feedback is maintained for audit purposes and remediation activities kicked off based on these results!

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