We Secure Data
We Identify Owners
SPHERE identifies who can access your most sensitive data; ensuring that you have the best controls in place and that your data is secure.
SPHERE utilizes an analytics-driven approach to finding owners of data, systems and assets; ensuring there is an authoritative source for governance processes.
We Fix Access
We Provide Guidance
SPHERE provides visibility into identities, resources and roles in your organization; remediating risks and implementing a least privileged access model.

SPHERE offers advisory services for creating policies, establishing processes, crafting a Target Operating Model, as well as, holistic cybersecurity assessments.

What is SPHEREboard?

Our product combines business intelligence, institutional knowledge  and industry best practices to effectively help you monitor your key risk indicators, ensuring that your environment remains clean and secure.



We tried for years to get a better grasp of the sensitive data living on our file systems. SPHERE was able to successfully leverage our existing tools, add their smarts to the analysis and give us the full picture of what’s going on with our most high risk data.

Information Security Manager

Financial Services Firm

We desperately needed a trusted advisor that could look at our “quasi-CyberSecurity” policies and tell us what we were doing wrong. SPHERE’s CISO Advisory services gave us a new perspective on where to focus, and a realistic a roadmap that made us compliant and more secure.

Chief Risk Officer

Insurance Agency

Our Active Directory was a big mess and it created every roadblock imaginable for our already delayed IAM program. SPHERE quickly assessed the environment and standardized all the objects and provided a solution, SPHEREboard, for us to manage AD Groups on our own.

IAM Program Lead

Pharmaceutical Company

Internal auditors were breathing down our neck to create ongoing reporting quickly to show we had control of privileged access to our Windows servers in our branch locations. SPHEREboard is able to collect all the information we needed, refresh it regularly and create a custom view for Audit to have the answers they needed.

Infrastructure & Hosting Manager

Financial Services Firm

Our Services

SPHERE is an award-winning woman-owned cybersecurity business focusing on improving security and ensuring compliance through effective governance and risk programs; implementing solutions that will secure your data, systems and assets.

Our Products

SPHERE provides an analytics-driven reporting solution. Collecting and correlating data from a variety of sources, deploying tailored intelligence with a simple user interface, allows clients to quickly understand the state of their environment.

Our Partners

SPHERE recognizes the need for third party products and has partnered with the industry’s best-of-breed solutions. SPHERE provides guidance, along with technology integration capabilities to both the client’s technologies, along with award winning  SPHEREboard.

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